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Test Your Vocabulary

April 25, 2012


I found this awesome website a few days ago ^^. Click here. It provides vocabulary test for all level. It’s nice, it has a lot of categories such as colors, parts of body, birds, verbs, etc. It doesn’t give you the time, so you can answer it slowly. It gives you score And if you […]

Does Korea bring changes to your life?

April 21, 2012


I once watched a Malaysian TV show, it told us about how Malaysian was infected by the Korean Wave. The most impress one was a housewife who really like 김현중. She could spend all day watch the drama. Then gradually, she started to use Korean product such as cosmetic and kitchen utensils. She just lived […]

How to Remember Vocabulary.

April 8, 2012


This post is for beginners ^^ Learning vocabulary can make you become crazy. You need to memorize a bunch of vocabularies in other language. How to remember vocabulary? You need to listen and use it everyday, if you can. One of the way is by listening to Korean songs. I’m sure you will catch a […]

A Dream to Become a Korean Translator

April 1, 2012


Well, that’s my dream. 😀 It’s kinda far away to me. Firstly, there isn’t have any Korean class in the city where I live. I have been self-studying for 2 years. I still need a teacher that can teach me more and have a conversation.  But I shouldn’t give up first.^^ Dream is free, guys. […]

[What’s in your notebook?] #4 Siska

March 31, 2012


Currently, I have 3 notebooks. 1. The chocolate color one. It’s my grammar book. I have started to write since 2011.Well, what I write in my grammar book is all the lessons from TTMIK (Talk To Me In Korean). I just like to write by myself instead of printing them. Moreover, I can improve my […]