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Founder of Korea

April 25, 2012


  Have you ever watch MBC”s runaway hit, 태왕사신기, starring Bae Yong Joon, which took the country by storm in 2007? By chance, do you still remember about the legend of 단군왕검(Tangun Wanggeom) featured in the earlier episodes of the drama? If you haven’t seen the drama yet, don’t fret. Let’s read together, shall we? […]

The legend of 에밀레종

April 6, 2012


[youtube]   Disclaimer : We do not own the above video. The video is taken from this source. The video that you had just seen above featured one of the rarest sound of the most famous bell of the ancient city of Gyeongju (capital of Silla) called 성덕대왕신종 or 에밀레종 or Emille Bell in English. […]

The original 꽃미남?

April 2, 2012


Are you a fan of 사극드라마 Sageuk Drama? If you are, did you watch MBC’s 2009 hit drama, 선덕여왕 Queen Seondeok? Put your hands up if you did! By chance, did you remember the 화랑 Hwarang, featured in the drama? Are you curious about the Hwarang as much as I do? Well, u gotta read on […]